My work is about color and contrast.  I am inspired by the early European artists who experimented with color and its ability to evoke emotion in the viewer, specifically Caravaggio, J. M. W. Turner, Van Gogh and Emile Nolde. My goal is to create a painting that exudes positive energy.

I am a maker of paintings. I have always been fascinated by people who make things. I am an emotional person and making art is for me an expression of emotion - both the process and the product.  I believe the process of creating or making is a psychological stabilizer.  Painting for me is a joy-filled struggle.

By using color and abstraction, I can connect with people at a very primal, gut level. I strive to give the viewer a joyful, positive image that allows them to leave the negative behind. I believe color taps into the viewers' emotions and makes them more aware of their feelings.  When people talk about my painting, they talk about the sense of positive energy and how it makes them feel.  They tell me of forgotten memories the painting evokes.

I enjoy transforming a white canvas into something magical     - something that helps me share my joy and hopefully inspire those who react to it.  I want to paint something that catches the viewer's attention and makes them smile - something that makes them curious and want to take a closer look.

My painting process is two-fold.  It is first about color.  I love color. Each color has its own voice. The second part of my process is creating energy and an emotional response in my viewers - an awareness of their own personal feelings and memories. Each individual has a personal response to specific colors.  Color taps into the viewers' emotions and makes them more aware of their feelings.

I want people to know that they can just respond to an abstract painting emotionally.  They don't have to know what it's about, just how it makes them feel. I like to paint something that catches a viewer's attention and makes them smile - something that makes them curious and want to take a closer look.













  • MFA, Central Michigan University (CMU), Mt. Pleasant, MI
  • BS, CMU, Mt. Pleasant, MI
  • Non-Degree Classes, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong


  • ArtReach Gallery, Mt Pleasant, MI
  • Gallery 515, Clare MI
  • Gingerblue Gallery, Saginaw MI
  • Northwood Gallery, Midland MI
  • Twisted Fish Gallery, Elk Rapids MI
  • Xanadu Online Gallery, Scottsdale AZ





COLLECTORS (selected)

  • Faculty Exhibition, Midland Center for the Arts, Midland MI
  • "Power of Dark and Light". ArtReach, Mt Pleasant MI
  • Lobby Exhibition, Midland Center for the Arts, Midland MI
  • Saginaw Art Museum, “All-Area Exhibition,” Awarded Solo Exhibition, Saginaw, MI
  • "Passages," CMU, Baber Gallery, Mt. Pleasant, MI
  • "Life's Journey," Northwood Gallery, Midland, MI
  • "Kathy Jones Exhibition," SVSU Gallery, University Center, MI
  • "Art Angel Award Exhibition," Creative 360, Midland, MI
  • "Journey," 515 Gallery, Clare, MI
  • "Recovery," Creative 360, Midland, MI
  • "Spirals as Journey,"  CMU, Mt Pleasant MI
  • "Kathy Jones & the Mandala," Northwood Gallery, Midland, MI
  • "Winter" Midland Center for the Arts, Midland, MI
  • "Kathy Kaunitz Jones," Jesse Besser Museum, Alpena, MI
  • "Kathy Jones & Color" Northwood Gallery, Midland, MI
  • "Kathy Jones One-Person Exhibition," Gallery 316, Petoskey, MI
  • "Color as Energy," Andrews University, Berrien Springs MI
  • "Energy," Ackerman Gallery, East Lansing, MI
  • "One-Person Exhibition," Saginaw Art Museum, Saginaw MI



  • Dow Corning Corporation, Bay City, MI
  • Isabella County Public Library, Mt. Pleasant, MI
  • Michigan Molecular Institute, Midland, MI
  • Mid-Michigan Visiting Nurses, Midland, MI
  • Northwood University, Midland, MI
  • Team One Credit Union, Saginaw, MI
  • Mr. & Mrs. William. Barker, Midland, MI
  • Dr. & Mrs. Fred Brenner, Green Valley, AZ
  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul Brink, Chicago, IL
  • Carol Coates, Santa Fe, New Mexico        
  • Dr. James Crissman, Midland, MI
  • Mr. & Mrs Gillett, Midland, MI
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dukes, Midland, MI
  • Dr. Marianna Dvornic, Northwood Gallery, Midland, MI
  • Mark East IV, La Jolla, CA
  • Dr. & Mrs. Richard Ellison, Spring Lake, MI
  • Mr. & Mrs. Frank Farfone, Charleston, SC
  • Mr. & Mrs. Glen Fuller, Indianapolis, IN
  • Mr. & Mrs. Carl Gillett, Midland, MI
  • Mr. & Mrs Mead Gougeon, Bay City, MI
  • Lian Hendersen, Copenhagen, DNK           
  • Dr. Jonathan M. Horbal, Midland, MI
  • Dr. Susan Hunter-Joerns, Juneau, AK
  • Julie K. Jones, Chicago, IL
  • Mari Ann Jungerheld, Glastonbury, CT
  • Nancy Katsarelas, Lansing, MI
  • Bradley Kaunitz, Long Beach, NY
  • Kim Kleinhardt, Owner 515 Gallery, Clare, MI
  • Thomas Kleinhardt, McGuire Chevrolet, Clare, MI
  • Dr. & Mrs. Michael Lauer, Midland, MI
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lapine, The Villages, FL
  • Rebecca Lemon, Corvallis OR
  • Craig McDonald, Dir. A.B. Dow Studio, Midland, MI
  • Thyra Moore, Stevensville, MD
  • Dr. & Mrs. James Sullivan, Midland, MI
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dan Vermesh, Saginaw, MI
  • Mr. Daryl Walsh, Hazel Park, MI
  • Constance Wolf, Scottsdale AZ      
  • Dr. Janet Yerby, Midland, MI



  • Terryberry Gallery, St Cecilias, Grand Rapids MI
  • "Juxtaposition", The Painted Turtle Gallery, Big Rapids MI
  • "From Within"  Twisted Fish Gallery, Elk Rapids, MI
  • Artwalk Central, Park Library, CMU, Mt. Pleasant, MI
  • "Emerging,"  515 Gallery, Clare MI
  • Metal and Oil Exhibition, Gallery 515, Clare, MI
  • Our Town Exhibition, Birmingham, MI
  • Michigan Women Artists, Kirkland College, Gladwin, MI
  • "Alumni Exhibition," CMU, Mt. Pleasant, MI
  • "Completing the Circle," Midland Center for the Arts, Midland, MI
  • "Call It the Blues," Invitational, CMU, Mt. Pleasant, MI
  • All Area Exhibition, Left Bank Gallery, Flint MI
  • "Three Artists," Studio 23, Bay City MI





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